An open letter to festival goers by KRATOM

Dear Festival Goer,

Do you struggle to plan a music festival with 10 stages and 200 bands? Do you want a personalised agenda of concerts so you can have the best festival experience ever? Then, Festook is the right app for you and the best part, is that Kratom is helping.

Festook is the personal expert that will help you plan your concert agenda for the festival, along with kratom. Just indicate which artists you don’t want to miss and Festook will automatically construct a personalised schedule including only those concerts that better fit your tastes. In other words: where Artificial Intelligence meets music festivals.


Festook 2.0 is not only a chronological update with 2015 Festival’s data. It brings you a whole new set of functionalities that will definitely help you get the better festival experience ever. With Festook you now can:

  • Browse the festival line-up and read the detailed information of each artist.
  • Get the personalised schedule that better fits your music tastes.
  • Select the right schedule mode for your festival experience.
  • Allow the app to remind you right before a concert starts so you don’t miss any.
  • Quickly check what artists are playing ‘right now’.
  • Give feedback about the concerts after seeing them and contribute to improve the recommendation engine.

I really hope you find this app useful during your next music festival visits. If you want to learn more about how to use it and how it works, please read the description I am attaching below.

Best regards.

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Browsing the Line-up

This is not original: every festival app contains a list of artists with a very complete description. I guess they do so because they assume that the festival attendees spend a lot of time reading artists descriptions. I don’t know if this is true, but I know that Festook’s Line-up has another objective: it is just there for you to browse the list and mark those concerts that you don’t want to miss. To mark a concert as ‘going’, just tap the band and select ‘YES’ in the band information page.


“Those concerts you don’t want to miss” is actually the key of it all. Festook’s recommendation algorithms have been specially designed to construct an entire schedule with just knowing a few artists that you really like. Festook’s recommendations are based on artists similarity. Those that are similar to a your favourite bands have a better chance to appear in the personalised schedule. For instance, if you mark ‘The Strokes’ as a concert not to miss, it is very likely that ‘Interpol’ is added to the schedule recommended.


Recommended Personalised Schedule

This is definitely the app section you’ll spend more time during the music festivals. It is easy to use as you only need to browse the personalised schedule in order to check the concerts you have been recommended for each day of the festival.

A particular action that can help you refine the schedule is to actually remove those concerts you do not want to go to. If you delete a concert, Festook will recompute the schedule and recommend you another one that fills the gap. Remember that to delete a concert, first tap the band in the schedule and mark it as ‘not going’ in the band information page.


There are a couple of additional functionalities that extend from the schedule:

  • Sharing. The personalised schedule is the most precious outcome you might get from Festook, hence it makes sense to think you may want to share it. This is what you will get at the top-right button.
  • Reminders. Once the schedule is computed, you might want Festook to remind you a few minutes before the starting of each concert so you don’t miss any. Configure this option at the bottom-left settings button.


Schedule mode to fit your festival experience

I think that at this point is quite clear that Festook uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to create your personalised schedule. Since this is an automatic action, Festook 2.0 introduces the possibility to control the schedule computation options (you will find this in the bottom-left settings button of the schedule page). Since allowing the configuration of all the algorithm details would be counter-productive, Festook provides three schedule modes for you to choose:

  • Relaxed: This mode constructs a schedule with free time between concerts. Relax and enjoy.
  • Moderate: This mode constructs a schedule with as many concerts as possible but without overlapping. This mode will recommend you a set of full concerts to attend, but get ready to change stages quite often.
  • Complete: This mode uses a smart algorithm that constructs a schedule with as many concert endings as possible. The idea behind this method is that you will enjoy a lot of amazing concert ‘finales’. Get ready for the ultimate festival experience!

The following image contains an example for each one of the 3 modes. Note the differences in number of concerts. I think that the third mode should be called ‘Extreme’ rather that ‘Complete’! I’ll keep that in mind for next versions.


Now Playing

And now for the last, but not least, feature around the schedule. The bottom-right button brings you to a simple page with the list of artists that are playing ‘right now’. Note that this functionality is meant to complement the personalised schedule by quickly answering the question “Who is playing there?”. I bet you will come across this situation while having a beer or changing stages.


The concerts in the ‘now playing’ list are sorted by time until finish (so, the first to finish at the top) and the progress bar graphically indicates how much time is left.

Help improve the recommendation engine

And let’s complete the description going back to the recommendations talking. In the festival menu, the Ratings tap brings you to a page where you can evaluate the concerts in your schedule. Just indicate whether you liked it (YES) or not (NO), or just didn’t go (?).

And why is this related to recommendation? This information is the essence of a better recommendation engine. The more you tell us about how your personalised schedule really fitted you, the higher the accuracy of the next Festook will be. So please give us this extremely valuable feedback! We will reward you with a more intelligent recommender… :)


Thanks for reading and enjoy your next festival!

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    Here is a great complimentary app to improve your festival experience:

    • ebc
      20/05/2015 at 13:27

      Looks very useful! I like that it focuses on a single functionality so all effort can be oriented to solve the ‘location’ problem.

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