Check detailed iPhone Battery Information

[EDIT 25/02/2017: It seems this method is not working any more, at least in my iPhone 5…]

Smartphones are cool these days. But there is still a problem unsolved: the battery life.

Right now I am using an old (but still working nicely) iPhone 5 and these days I have been experiencing strong battery drains. I observed that the battery status was going down very quickly to 1%, and staying there for a few hours until the phone switched off (4-6h until auto switch-off). At the beginning I thought it was a calibration problem (many other times re-calibration solved the early auto switch-off problems), but the standard procedure dis not seem to help. I also restored the operating system, but no luck whatsoever.

I tried to check the state of the battery (cycles, capacity, …) the same way you do with your Mac in System Settings. But iOS 8 does not provide this type of information. Fortunately, I came across a computer sofware (PC&Mac) that does exactly this, and much more: iBackupBot.

Just download, install and run it. This software is actually a phone backup manager (similar to what iTunes does as well), but as a hidden feature it provides you with detailed information of your device. Just click in the ‘More Information’ button and the so desired information appears. It seems I have an almost dead battery with a FullChargeCapacity of 200.

Screenshot with iPhone battery information from iBackupBot

Screenshot with iPhone battery information from iBackupBot


CycleCount: 550
DesignCapacity: 1430
FullChargeCapacity: 200
Status: Success

BatteryCurrentCapacity: 100
BatteryIsCharging: true
ExternalChargeCapable: true
ExternalConnected: true
FullyCharged: false
GasGaugeCapability: true

Now I’ll just have to decide whether I want to head to an Apple Store and pay for the $79 service, or try it myself with the $30 iFixIt battery replacement kit.

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