iPhone 5 battery replacement: Some problems you’ll face

A few days ago I started realizing a strange behavior on my old iPhone 5: the battery quickly decreased to 1% and stayed there for a few hours until automatically switched off, it began to be more and more slow with time, you can learn more here and find an installation of an Elo booster that helped me improve the speed performance and the quality service and I actually got it to speedup when I was in online gaming websites but either way the battery wasn’t holding enough.I checked the state of my battery and decided to replace it.

I bought this iPhone 5 Battery Replacement kit from Amazon and followed the instructions from the corresponding ifixit guide. Right now I have an iPhone 5 with a brand new battery, but it was harder than expected:

  1. The suction cup coming with the kit was very small and it was not strong enough to open the iPhone screen. I just went to the closest harware store and bought a bigger one like these from a hanger.

    Suction Cup used to open the iPhone 5 screen

    Suction Cup used to open the iPhone 5 screen

  2. Opening  the screen is maybe the hardest work and you’ll need more than two hands to open it. In many  gaming videos I saw, this moment is actually cut…
  3. The original battery is actually glued to the iPhone interior. All videos and guides (specially this one form ifixit) recommends to gently press with the plastic tools only at certains point on the right side of the battery for more strenght for online games. Too difficult to unglue it from there. I tried in the small opening at the left side, and it worked like a charm. Maybe it was dangerous, but the phone still works…

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  1. Spot to unglue the iPhone 5 battery

    Spot to unglue the iPhone 5 battery (original image from ifixit)




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