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Back to the Chat with Swift and SocketIO

I came across the wonderful tutorial from AppCoda on implementing an iOS chat in Swift and using a I have just finished implementing it and it works like a charm as an initial setup for a chat app in iOS. By the way, I upgraded the Node.js server-side  with a silly bot-based functionality that answers with the best quotes from the movie… Read more →


Check detailed iPhone Battery Information

[EDIT 25/02/2017: It seems this method is not working any more, at least in my iPhone 5…] Smartphones are cool these days. But there is still a problem unsolved: the battery life. Right now I am using an old (but still working nicely) iPhone 5 and these days I have been experiencing strong battery drains. I observed that the battery status was… Read more →


ParaulesCloud: An iOS app to ‘read’ newspapers

ParaulesCloud és una aplicació per poder fer un cop d’ull a les notícies publicades pels diaris generalistes més llegits a Catalunya. Amb la visualització en forma de núvol de paraules (‘wordcloud’), podràs copsar de què parlen d’una forma ràpida i senzilla. Si vols repassar en detall d’on ha sortit el núvol, també pots llegir els articles. Els logos de cada… Read more →