Learning Machine Learning

Introductory MOOCs Machine Learning Foundations Carlos Guestrin and Emily Fox (University of Washington) Coursera My thoughts on the course and my exercises on Github Machine Learning Andrew Ng (Stanford) Coursera My exercises on Github Extended lectures on youtube   Neural Networks (and Deep Learning) Neural Networks and Deep Learning (ebook) A step by step propagation example (post) Getting started with Deep Learning… Read more →


JAN (eat in basque)

And yet another tribute to the set of videos created by STA Travel Australia. It was shot during a short trip to the Basque Country in the spring of 2016 and, as the name of the video indicates, it is a video that summarizes our relationship with the basque gastronomy. Shot in iPhone 5 – edited in Final Cut Pro… Read more →

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Beef Yakiudon

Temps de preparació: 1h Racions: 4 bols Basat en recepta: Taste Ingredients 400 gr fideus udon 400 gr de bistec de vedella tallat a tires 1 ceba mitjana tallada a tires 3 escalunyes tallades a tires 1 pastanaga tallada a tires 1 daikon petit tallat a tires 80 gr d’enciam 60ml de salsa de soja 20ml de vinagre d’arròs 1 cullerada petita de sucre… Read more →


Chicken Yakisoba

Temps de preparació: 1h Racions: 4 bols grans Basat en receptes: Cuines (TV3) i Recetas Japonesas Ingredients 3 paquets de fideus soba (3x100gr) 400 gr de cuixes de pollastre desossades i tallades a trossos * 5 cullerades grans de salsa yakisoba 1 tros de ginger d’uns 5 cm tallat a tires 1 carbassó tallat a tires 1 pastanaga tallada a tires 1… Read more →



Temps de preparació: 1.5h Racions: 20-25 Gyoza Basat en les receptes de i Cuines (TV3) Ingredients per 20-25 Gyoza 160g carn picada de porc 150g enciam 1 porro 1 grapat de cibulet 2 cullerades grans de salsa de soja 2 cullerades grans de sake 2 cullerades petites de ginger picat 1 cullerada petita d’oli de sèsam 1 cullerada gran de maizena… Read more →

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El carbó del Carlota Akaneya

Feia temps que haviem de visitar el sumiyaki del Carlota Akaneya. Pels que no som experts, yaki significa algo com coure el menjar i hi ha una infinitat de versions: teppanyaki quan és a la planxa; yakisoba quan són fideus; teriyaki quan es cou amb salsa basada en soja, mirin i scure; sumiyaki quan és a la graella amb carbó; yakiniku per quan és de carn; kushiyaki: quan fem pintxos, yakitori… Read more →

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Back to the Chat with Swift and SocketIO

I came across the wonderful tutorial from AppCoda on implementing an iOS chat in Swift and using a I have just finished implementing it and it works like a charm as an initial setup for a chat app in iOS. By the way, I upgraded the Node.js server-side  with a silly bot-based functionality that answers with the best quotes from the movie… Read more →